Engenerx is a high-performance engine oil treatment additive.

B9 Clean

B9 Clean is a special universal cleaner for construction and industry.

SOK Defense

SOK (pronounced soak) Blue Line is a non-lethal law enforcement defense spray.

Intruder Stop

Intruder Stop is a quick-deploying emergency door stop device.

Obex Prime

Obex Prime is an extreme-performance line of lubricants & greases.

Welcome to AGC Global Solutions - Engineering Excellence in Lubrication & Security Solutions

At AGC Global Solutions, we delve into the science of precision, fortifying operational efficiency across diverse sectors with our high-performance lubricants, greases, solvents, and oil additives. As a global luminary in the industrial lubricant sphere, we engineer products that safeguard, enhance, and optimize the performance of critical machinery in defense, law enforcement, sporting gun industries, key automotive markets, and beyond.

Global Reach, Local Touch
Navigating through continents, our lubricant solutions are formulated by key chemists at trusted laboratories operating within the United States, embodying a confluence of global expertise dovetailed with localized insights. Our products are designed to withstand the harshest operational conditions, ensuring that machinery across diverse industrial sectors performs at its peak, irrespective of geographical and environmental challenges.

Physical Security First - Safeguarding Living Assets
Venturing beyond lubricants, we’re at the frontier of delivering avant-garde nuts and bolts security devices. Our high-tech solutions, employed by private entities and public sectors alike, are crafted to safeguard assets, data, and futures, establishing impermeable real, physical security parameters, as the first line of defense, to protect assets and life, as a fail-safe measure against the breakdown of digital security measures.

Empowering Defense & Law Enforcement
In the realms of defense and law enforcement, we fortify the might of nations and safeguard communities with our unparalleled lubrication technologies and security devices. Our products ensure the relentless, unfaltering operation of military vehicles, weapons, and security apparatus, even in the most exigent situations.

Accelerating Automotive Excellence
Driving innovation in the automotive industry, our lubricants reduce friction, wear, and tear in vehicles, amplifying performance and longevity. From everyday cars to high-performance racing vehicles, our products ensure optimal functionality, providing a smooth, efficient, and reliable driving experience.

Sporting Gun Industry - Precision, Every Time
In the sporting gun sector, our technologically advanced lubricants guarantee precision and reliability, ensuring that every trigger pull delivers consistent, accurate results. Our products are trusted by sporting professionals and enthusiasts alike, delivering unwavering performance that hits the mark, every time.

Sustainable Practices for a Greener Tomorrow
We are committed to the planet, blending sustainability with performance in our products. Our lubricants not only elevate machinery performance but are also formulated to minimize environmental impact, ensuring a greener, more sustainable future.

Connect with AGC Global Solutions - Where Innovation Meets Reliability
Embark on a journey where innovative lubrication and security solutions pave the way for unyielding, optimal performance. Explore our diverse product range, crafted with precision, fortified by scientific expertise, and tested in the fiercest conditions.