Woman using B9 CLEAN - Industrial Cleaning and Degreasing Products

B9 CLEAN - Concentrate
universal industry surface cleaner, degreaser and drain  treatment

AGC GLOBAL SOLUTIONS proudly offers a wide range of aqueous cleaning products that contain a proprietary blend of naturally occurring beneficial microbes! These totally benign and safe microbes produce all natural but quite powerful emulsifiers that not only biodegrade grease and dirt, but also remediates it.

All B9 products are people-animal and earth friendly and unlike many other water based cleaners that tend to be highly alkaline, are pH neutral which means they can safely be used on aluminum and aluminum alloy surfaces.

B9 Clean Concentrate contain specific probiotic and bio-enzymatic enzymes that thoroughly deodorizes all surface bacteria.

B9 CLEAN - Features and Benefits:

  • Neutral pH, non-toxic, non-corrosive.
  • Proprietary 100% bio-degradable formula.
  • As a floor cleaner, the bio-detergents in B9 penetrates through the toughest grease, oil
  • grime and dirt and lift them from the surface.
  • Select, custom blend of naturally derived live microbials digest and remediate proteins, fats, oils and greases
  • Powerful bio-detergents penetrate dirt, organic debris, scum and even petroleum
  • hydrocarbons to keep drain and pipes clean and free flowing
  • Beneficial, non-pathogenic bacteria out compete odor causing bacteria that attract fruit flies

B9 CLEAN - Directions For Use:

  • For floor cleaning: mix 2-4 ounces per gallon of water. DO NOT MIX WITH OTHER PRODUCTS
  • For drain treatment: Pour 3-4oz of B9 concentrate down the drain for two consecutive days then once a week there after. Very sluggish drains may require higher doses.

B9 CLEAN Reverse Label Product Specifications

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