Intruder Stop School Safety Door Device Deployed

INTRUDER STOP - Emergency Door Stop

Intruder Stop was inspired by an elementary School Principal. Intruder Stop is a high quality and economical way to protect against intruders and from invasions of your schools, place of business and at your home. Intruder Stop is a simple device that takes about 10 minutes to install and actives in just one second after the door is shut closed. Intruder Stop is the best solution for schools as they are less costly than similar products. Since there are many doorways in a school, the low cost enables a school system to economically purchase one for each doorway and is very simple for the maintenance department to install.

Where Intruder Stop is used:

  • Large buildings, Schools and University Campus/Dorms
  • Residential and Small Building Door Security

Where Intruder Stop is used:

  •  Deploys in seconds
  •  Low cost, low maintenance
  •  Ergonomically designed
  •  Spring loaded - No bending down to deploy
  •  Unit is activated by foot, hand or crutch
  •  Fast & simple installation
  •  Installation requires standard tools
  •  Completely self-contained
  •  No need to locate a separate part to deploy

Installation Instructions for INTRUDER STOP

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