AGC Global Solutions, LLC
About Us And Our Mission

AGC Global Solutions is a worldwide provider of extreme performance lubricants, greases and cleaners for critical industrial, military and consumer product applications.

We engineer, manufacture and market highly-performant formulations designed to work in the harshest operating environments and on critical parts under stress.

Our unique chemical engineering, product development processes and first class testing practices have created best-of-breed, superior-performing products built with proprietary technology and custom-engineered base materials.

AGC Global Solutions is a leading supplier of extreme performance lubricants to the largest global customer base of manufacturers, industrial facilities and consumers.

We are committed to the planet, blending sustainability with performance in our products. Our lubricants not only elevate machinery performance but are also formulated to minimize environmental impact, ensuring a greener, more sustainable future.

Connect with AGC Global Solutions where innovation meets reliability by embarking on a journey with us where innovative lubrication and security solutions pave the way for unyielding, optimal performance. Explore our diverse product range, crafted with precision, fortified by scientific expertise, and tested in the fiercest conditions.

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